MUTUO is an interdependent visual experience enjoyed both in the physical world and virtual reality.

The idea came from the thought that when someone else is using virtual reality, the physical world and it’s inhabitants are left out.
I wanted to create an experience that allowed users in different realms to both enjoy a visual experience together in some way and make it so that it only exists thanks to one another.

As a person operates the the mechanical machine by moving the cranks, an objet will both rotate and translate in the physical world. This object is also visible in virtual reality, so another person, sitting on the machine and wearing the headset will see it and follow it visually.
The headset has a flashlight that only lights up when looking at the object (both in VR and IRL). When the light hits the object, beautiful caustic reflections occur, lighting up the room IRL with bright colors.
In VR when you look straight at the object, a sphere comes to life, lighting up and glowing a peaceful sound comes on.

This is my Bachelor’s diploma project at ECAL.
Made with Unity and Arduino.

Project tutor: Alain Bellet, Cyril Diagne
Workshop: Fabio della Casa, Pascal Ospelt