Pick-A-Twin is a collective Art piece by Kelian Maissen, Johannes Gees and Andrea Ramirez that lives in Fungle.xyz, a platform that holds a collection of art works that intersect with web3 technology.

This piece stands in the tradition of media art as hacking technical and cultural standards, in this case the ERC-721 token standard, better known as NFT.

Inspired by the right-click and save culture, the project consists of two visually identical NFT’s which, like any other visual on the internet, can also be right-clicked and saved.

One of the NFT’s, the “Naughty Twin” does not play by ERC-721 rules. By publishing the private key in the visual that is attached, the NFT can be owned by everybody and added to an infinite number of wallets. Since it can’t be sold or transferred, it is no longer a scarce object of speculation, thus questioning the meaning of ownership and value.

The “Good Twin” on the other hand, can be bought at an auction and the lucky winner can transfer or sell it.

Who is going to buy the Good Twin when the Naughty Twin can be owned and shared by anyone , for free?

Pick-A-Twin is a project that questions the meaning of ownership and value.
How would an NFT look that can actually be right-click and saved?
When do you truly own an NFT? Can we share accounts?